– Mia’s Baptism

“Mummy, how come I wasn’t Christened?” I remember asking this clear as day. I must have only been about six or seven but I was most put-out as only a six or seven year-old can be that my older brothers had been Baptised but I had not. My mother’s response was simply “because I wanted you to be able to choose God for yourself when you were old enough to.” I thought that made sense, even at that young age. But as a mother now myself I now know that was “mum code” for ‘just not getting around to it’!  She had four of us after all!

When I came to take the decision to baptise my daughter in the Autumn of 2012 it was a very easy decision. In fact hardly a decision at all. Despite my lack of infant-hood Baptism I grew up in a Christian household and have always considered myself a Christian. Of course, our daughter would get that regardless but I wanted to make it official and grow up in the warmth of the Church in her life early on.  So that is what we did.

I didn’t even realise I could be Baptised and Confirmed at the age I am now until Lesley spoke with me about it. I never thought I needed it either to be honest. But since then I have thought about it a lot and also attended Questioning Faith. Something I would never have done if I was baptised as a child. I accepted God into my life a long time ago but now I have discovered a need to fully acknowledge my commitment to God.

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