APCM 2019

The APCM is next Sunday (7th April 2019) at 7:30 at St George’s.  All members of the electoral roll welcome.

The Agenda and minutes of last year with the accounts and reports from activities are linked below.  Unfortunately the audited accounts will not be available on the day, and we will have to adjourn the meeting to receive them at a later date, but those presented to the PCC are below for information.

2019 Printable agendas and minutes

Annual Report & Accounts 2018vDraft – APCM (file removed 13/5/19 when final accounts loaded).


Final accounts added 13/5/19: 2018 final accounts


This year, for the first time in ages I did not give up chocolate for Lent.  This was partly because my consumption had significantly reduced, and partly because I preached on how giving up “little” things can distract us from more important changes in our life.

The interesting thing is that I have started eating more chocolate – at least until now!  It was perhaps a combination of tiredness and a special offer at the supermarket, but it also set me thinking that if it weren’t Lent I might have stuck to my pre-Lent guns.  What is going on?

I have to say that I am not sure, but feel the need to go back to my pre-Lenten ways.  Has anyone else found this odd effect of Lent?