Celtic Service – July 14th

We are holding an outdoor Celtic Service on Saturday July 14th at 5.00pm in  St. George’s Church garden ( inside church, if wet).  There is nothing like an outdoor service to  feel  wonder, gratitude and praise  for God’s creation and abundant provision.  We pray God will provide sunshine!

We will have a gentle, informal Evening Service from  the Iona Worship book, a talk, bible readings, hymns/ songs and the chance to do some art work if you would like to. Artwork is optional and may be based on the Celtic Cross or we may do something else Celtic depending on how the Holy Spirit guides us or you!  Please come along to this specially created service in beautiful surroundings. We would appreciate help please

  • setting up the service including a lectern, chairs for congregation, tables & chairs for art work
  • help from someone with setting up electrical power supply/ microphones/ sound system/electric piano
  • help with refreshments – tea/coffee/squash and biscuits
  • help tidying it all  away

If you have any queries or are able to help us please contact Margaret Emberson at St. George’s, Wendy Edwards at St. John’s or Dave and Helena Walker at St. Mark’s. My telephone number is 01252 406772  or email wendy.e.edwards@gmail.com, if you do not attend those churches but you are interested in attending  the Celtic Service or helping. We hope to see you there!

Wendy Edwards


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