Is Pain from God?

Sometimes when we experience pain it is in fact God nudging us to make some change in our life.

Pray As You Go 29/30 July (only there for a couple more days).

When I initially listened to this I wanted to scream no – because what I heard was that God causes pain to nudge us to make a change in our life – and although I now realise that isn’t what it says, I still think that there is a hint of it about.

For me, pain can be a sign that we are doing something which is bad for us, perhaps even something that God has warned us against, or perhaps of God using something that is happening to us to convey a message.  But as soon as there is any hint of God causing it I get worried.  I worry because if God chooses to do that then there are so many other events that God does or doesn’t choose to intervene in which are so much more important in the life of the world, and if he chooses to intervene in the minor ones, but not the major ones, what kind of a monster does that make him?

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