Celebrating Priesting

At this time of year lots of people are made deacon or priested, and there is much celebration.  Our curate Hannah has just been priested, and this caused me to think about this celebration.

For me, we are not celebrating priesthood per se, instead we are celebrating the fulfilment of someones vocation; just as we would, and have done, for those fulfilling other callings.  The reason that I feel this way is because I believe in the priesthood of all believers, and that we should all be working together collaboratively on God’s mission in the world.

My first training incumbent told me that he was selected, trained, and carried out most of his ministry in an era of “Father knows best” (and it was Father in those days), and found it difficult to move to the more recent idea of collaborative ministry (although he worked hard to do so).  However, I trained in industry in Total Quality, with its emphasis on empowerment, and trained for ministry in a later time when collaborative ministry was more embedded.

So last Saturday and Sunday we celebrated, and welcomed Hannah into the next stage of her ministry.


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