Who are we thanking?

Yesterday we had a thanksgiving service for our stewardship campaign at which all the pledges were brought back.  People had been saying, particularly in one of the churches,  that they didn’t want to report what they already did because they didn’t do it for thanks, they did it as service.

And I agree – the for me the thanksgiving service is thanking God for all that he has given us – the gifts and skills with which to serve him, the opportunities to do so, and the things that he makes out of our meagre gifts.

Since we have been in the parish we have been trying to use the gifts that have been available, rather than coming up with a cunning plan and looking for people to carry it out.  It has meant that some things have ceased, but also that other things that we wouldn’t have dreamt of have begun.  We want everybody to discover their calling, and to find a way to exercise it – it does mean that we don’t know about everything that is going on – but that is a good thing.

But it also never does any harm to say thank you to people.

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