Is Gay Sex a Sin? – What is Sin

So I have already dived straight in to look at what the Bible says – but if we are going to ask whether gay sex is a sin we need to look at what the definition of sin is.

An immoral act considered to be a transgression against divine law.

This is perhaps the most common understanding, but within Christianity there is also a sense of sin as a falling short, and we have all fallen short, we are all sinners.  However, this can be overcome by repentance.

There then become two arguments – is gay sex a sin, and if it is why is it different to other sins.  This whole series is an attempt to look at the first of the questions, and starts from the premise that in and of itself it isn’t (although as with straight married sex there can be times when it is sinful, depending on the surrounding attitudes).

So why do those who see gay sex as a sin see it as different from other sins?  My understanding of this is that it is because they see a lack of repentance.  Of course if you do not see it as a sin there is no need for repentance.  This can be evidenced in the Roman Catholic Church where, as I understand it, marriage after divorce shows a lack of repentance, as it shows no intent to reform.  Perhaps that is why those against gay sex also tend to be against gay marriage.

We are back to is gay sex a sin – I have already tackled a Biblical view, and will go on to look at others in later posts.