Is Gay Sex a sin?

Yesterday I read this blog post, and it really set me thinking.  My initial reaction was “no”, but so much lies behind that that I think it will take me several blog posts to unpack it all.  I then moved on to “it depends”, which is where I am at present.

If you believe that our beliefs come from Scripture, Tradition and Reason, with Experience as either a fourth leg, and if you accept that morality has thee main sources, Rules, Consequences and Values, then there are a variety of ways to reach an answer on this.

If you believe in Sola Scriptura and Biblical Literalism then you are also likely to give rules precedence, and interpreting the Bible literally will answer “yes”.

If you believe primarily in tradition you too are likely to give rules precedence and will probably answer “yes” (although traditions can change – take divorce as an example).  The reason that I write probably is that in medieval times there was a form of service to join together two men!

If, like me you, give reason good space, and are more inclined to look to Values or Consequences then the answer is more complicated, and there could well be people on either side of the debate (after all consequences are hard to predict, and different values can be drawn from the Bible).

To avoid drawing ire from at least one side of the debate, the reason that I say “it depends” is not because I think in and of itself gay sex is a sin, but because I think many things can be a sin, depending on circumstances – but that is a whole other blog post!


13 May 2017 – Article edited to change title from “Is Gay Marriage a Sin?” – I was  responding to an article which asked the question which is now the title and inexplicably wrote something else!


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