Election – Archbishops letter

The Archbishops have written a letter (pdf) to “The Parishes and Chaplaincies of the Church of England”.  I read it yesterday morning and really struggled to get through it, losing the will to live several times, and not really getting what they were driving at.  I have just put it through Word to get a Flesch–Kincaid readability score.  It scores 40.5/13.9, which means that it is harder to read than philosophers!  Do they want us to read what they are writing?

Of those who have spent more time than me trying to understand it, at least some are unimpressed with the content.

Personally, I find this post simpler to understand and more theological – but also more controversial as it takes a more partisan line.

Perhaps the difficulty for the Archbishops is that Christians can legitimately support many different parties, so they feel the need to be even handed – but surely there are Christian values which might determine our approach, which they could draw attention to?  Last election they published a longer document (pdf) that attempted to do just this.  Why not this time?


One thought on “Election – Archbishops letter”

  1. I read the letter several times and felt let down by it. i didn’t expect the Archbishops to reflect my own personal political viewpoint but nor did I expect them to use words like ‘stability’ and ‘British values’ which have been given new implications that the Archbishops must surely have been aware of. They may say that Christianity has a prior claim on the concept of stability and they may have their own understanding of what British values are but they are writing in 2017 when these words are used to present a right-wing political agenda.

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