Today is usually my day off – but as Lesley is on a course I am working and we are taking time off tomorrow – though we messed that up and both have baptism rehearsals 😦 (well, its good – just not messing up time off).

Recently I have started seeing articles (eg here) about how to manage your electronic devices.  In 2009 I heard Rob Bell at Greenbelt talking about Sabbath (here – from 39:20) and started having a device free day on my day off.  Since then I have been more or less successful at it, but have recently returned to it, and on holiday restricted myself to using the web to look up crossword clues (I do hate it when they make reference to cultural things when you recognise the reference, but don’t know the answer 😦 ).  OK – I broke it when I heard that an election had been called, but only read 4 news items.  More recently I would have thought that I could read the news on holiday, but I came back from this one more relaxed than I have been for a long time.

If you have listened to Rob Bell (and even if you haven’t) what is it that you need to stop doing on your Sabbath (not necessarily Sunday – that doesn’t work for me for a start!).


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