I am posting this after sundown (UK time) as the final Lent post, but also as an Easter one.  I have enjoyed and benefited from doing this so much that I am going to continue when I return from leave!

Lesley and I recently watched a film where two bereaved single parents fell in love by first becoming friends, and we agreed that this is the best way for it to happen (we may be biased as that was how it was for us).  We had earlier watched another film where the woman said that he wasn’t her type at all, but they had fallen in love anyway.  Today many people seem to use apps for dating, and the assumption seems to be that you have a list of all the things that you want in a partner, and ignore those who don’t fit.

If you want to be happy, the best bet is not to focus on being happy, but to do other things.

Increasingly businesses are looking at “leading indicators” rather than “lagging indicators”.  When Lesley and I checked into a Travelodge we got chatting and were told that the company had stopped measuring room occupancy and started measuring room and hot water availability as well as other measures.  One measure tells us what we did – the other helps us improve.

I have heard one person complain that when they tell dates what they are looking for, the dates start trying to be that person!  What might a leading indicator for dating be?  Perhaps instead of only dating those who match a predetermined set of criteria it would be better to meet a wide variety of people (OK, I know that isn’t easy), not dating but just meeting, and see who you click with.  Marriage is a compromise, and if you only date people who meet all your criteria when things change and push comes to shove as a couple there is no experience of compromise.

Life is What Happens To You While You’re Busy Making Other Plans

This quote came to mind as it suggests to me focusing on the wrong things.
So what has this to do with Easter?
With God the same can be true.  When we look hard straight ahead we can miss what is in our peripheral vision.  What are leading and what are lagging indicators?  Services attended, or prayers said are surely lagging indicators.  If we live our lives aware of what is happening around us, looking for signs of resurrection in the every day, of the hope born from despair (I don’t endorse all of the views here, but it is a great example of hope born from despair), perhaps we might just see the risen Christ in action in the world, and then find ourselves drawn to worship and prayer in thanksgiving more often.
Happy Easter

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