Palm Sunday

Whilst I was giving yesterdays sermon, based around this, into my head popped the thought that this was exactly the kind of stunt that Chris Morris or Armando Iannucci might have set up, and that it could be read as a spoof rather than a prophetic act.  Since then I have been thinking about this more, and have reached the conclusion that:

  • whilst they (or a first century equivalent) could have done, the Romans were far less tolerant of satire than 20th Century rulers (in this country), and they would have had a lot to lose.
  • it was perhaps more the action of a Gandhi or Martin Luther King Jr.

Following the latter thought, the procession becomes a prophetic action, which Jesus knows will lead to trouble (to put it mildly), but which he is called to do.

Phew – I worried myself there for a moment!