Singing Together

Last Thursday fifteen of us met at St. Marks church for a lovely evening singing together.

Frances had invited local renowned musician, Len Tyler, to meet us and encourage us all to sing even better than we do already!

Len is an expert in the Kodály method of singing. This encourages us to listen, think, and sing at the same time. Within an hour we, as a group, were all singing confidently in four parts. We all felt very pleased with ourselves.

Many of us feel we would like to meet again. Len is extremely busy so cannot join us, but I did a Kodály course as part of my teachers training many years ago, and I am very happy to revise it in order to lead a few sessions if everyone is happy about that.

I suggest we meet again on Thursday 18th May at St. Marks church at 6:15 until 7:30, to sing and socialise.

Len has said he would visit us again in a few months and it would be good to show him what we can do!

See you all soon and  keeeeeep singing!

Margaret 😃



I will start by looking at Liberalism in the church.  In what follows I am going to draw on the writing of others, as I believe that it is better to let people speak for themselves rather than to speak for them, and through lack of understanding, misspeak for them.

As I understand Liberalism it is founded upon the belief that the Bible needs to be interpreted using all the skills that we would use to interpret other old documents.  This allows for the development of understanding of the faith, rather than it being something once revealed, written down and true for all time.

Modern Church is an organisation within the church which speaks from a liberal position, and a couple of articles (here and here) explain what one of their members considers liberalism to be.