I am planning to write about different stands of faith, but before I do I want to explore this in a different way to most people.  Most people would draw lines of distinction between Anglo Catholic, evangelical and liberal.  However, instead, I would draw the first distinction between those strands which try to explain faith, and those which don’t.

Contemplative and post modern faiths are less likely to try and explain, and instead, adopt Richard Rohr’s approach, avoid the dualism of right/wrong, true/false, instead focusing on observing what is happening.

Most of the traditional strands of Christianity have their preferred way to describe faith, and argue with each other over their points of difference.  However, if we accept that all words about faith are only approximations to the truth, trying to explain a truth which cannot be explained, then each of these strands can have something to add to the overall understanding of truth and faith – provided that they are not seen as antagonistic, but complementary.