The Good Lie

Yesterday I watched “The Good Lie“, about Sudanese immigrants into the USA in 2000.  IT was a good and thought provoking film, but the bit that I want to reflect on today is this clip; earlier in the film Jeremiah was shocked to discover that food was thrown away, and was told that they had to do it because it was business; if you gave it away you couldn’t sell it.

My reflection was about how I would have reacted in those circumstances, and what is right?  I think I would have turned a blind eye to the woman taking the food, rather than giving her the fresher food, and then if I had been caught trying to argue my way out of the situation, rather than resigning.  Mmm.

What would you do?

PS.  A few years ago most supermarket food was sent to waste – today a quick Google shows that many of the supermarkets now donate their out of date food to charity.


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