A new group for people over 50

On Tuesday 7th March from 10-11:30 we are launching a new group for people over 50 at St George’s Church, Badshot Lea. We will be meeting fortnightly and there will be the opportunity to have coffee and chat with old friends and new. There will be a host of activities that will vary each time, including jigsaws, pottery, hand massages, manicures, an exercise corner, a table with newspapers, games, help with technology, hearing aid help and a thought for the day. Just come along – everyone is welcome and there is no charge. If you would like to offer any activities then please ring Bill and Annie Thomas on 01252 334462 or madboy@uwclub.net



Wonderful Worship

Yesterday morning there was a wonderful service at St George’s.  We welcomed Craig as LLM with PTO (not that Craig is over 70 – just there are complications with getting to a licensing service) and he led parts of the service.  Instead of a sermon Mike spoke about the interaction of his faith and work and a few other things!

So instead of a service where I do everything, this was one where we shared the load, and it was great!

When I was a curate, I was in a single church parish where there were 3 (or more) clergy most Sundays.  This meant that I got used to presiding, preaching or deaconing.  Moving here, more often than not, meant doing everything every Sunday.  Suddenly with others sharing the load (and to be fair it isn’t just last Sunday, but I have only just started blogging again) worship became more alive for me (and I hope others).  There was something about the interaction, the way in which there were a variety of voices.  Also about the space that I gained, particularly during the ablutions, so that instead of always thinking about what came next there was time for private prayer.

As our team grows I look forwards to more of this 🙂