The Longest Night

From late October, the shops have been full of Christmas decorations, fairy lights and Father Christmas. Children are getting more and more excited and the advertising and media is encouraging everyone to spend, spend, spend and buy a happy Christmas.
With the whole world around you caught up in a whirl of excess, for some people it simply highlights their own feelings of loss, pain, hurt or grief. Perhaps a family bereavement, a broken relationship, loss of a job, loss of health – there may be any number of reasons why people find it hard to join in with the festivities all around them.
At St John’s on December 22nd at 7:30pm we are holding a service entitled, ‘The Longest Night’. It is for people who want to reconnect with the love of God from the depths of their own pain. It is a simple service, recognising that Jesus came into our broken world as a helpless baby. Through prayers, music, readings and lighting candles, we pray that you will find hope and comfort in knowing that you are not alone. Even in the darkest, longest night, God is always ready to meet us wherever we may be.

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