My Confirmation

So the day had finally arrived and my nerves were all over the place.

All I kept thinking was, what if I say or do the wrong thing, I’m about to do one of the biggest  and scariest things of my life and all in front of a bishop !

Once I arrived in church I thankfully found I wasn’t the only one who had sweating palms.

I looked around and thought how beautiful the church looked and it reminded me of my wedding day which put me at ease .

Finally bishop Andrew arrived and was so friendly . He asked me to have a chat to him about why I felt I wanted to be confirmed .

I told him that I had attended various churches on and off over the years but that now felt like the right time to make my commitment to the church and go on one of the biggest journeys of my life .

Everyone started arriving and I started feeling the excitement for what was about to happen.

The service was lovely and so great to have all my family there to join me on such a special day.

I don’t have any regrets about my choice and both Alan, Lesley and Lesley Shatwell and everyone who attended have helped me to make my day a very special one .

Natalie Fairweather

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