An exercise in God’s Love

Prayer is our theme for Advent. Here is an exercise. Take time to savour every point that speaks to you – believe it – it is true.

God the Father is the author of ‘planned parenthood.’ He planned and chose me before time began.

He is my FATHER because he chose me, not because I was born as a result of his love for my mother.

He never withholds his love or approval

He is always available.

He is always welcoming and pleased to see me.

He is STRONG and able to cope with whatever problems I bring.

He is always on my side.

He is JUST and will always show me where I am wrong and where I have failed to love.

He only says ‘No’ when it is in my best interest.

He understands why I fail.He does not stand in judgement on me.

He never brings up my past mistakes. He FORGIVES and FORGETS.

He doesn’t have favourites. I am his ADOPTED child. I am not an accident.

He waits to be asked for advice

He is the Creator of all the wonders of this world.

He always hears me out without interrupting and putting me right.

He knows what I need but expects me to trust him enough to ask for it.

He is a great King and I am his child.

I am branded on the palms of his hands.

He wants my LOVE and TRUST.

He never forgets me – If he did, I would cease to exist.

When I am ready he will help me put things right.

One thought on “An exercise in God’s Love”

  1. I don’t think God forgive and forgets, I think God forgives and absorbs. Whatever my troubles are, whatever sin, God absorbs it all, if I can only let it go.

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