A walk of thanks and praise

Continuing with the theme of prayer in Advent. St Paul wrote to the Thessalonians:

‘Rejoice always, pray constantly, give thanks in all circumstances.’

Take a walk of around half an hour outside.  As you start, take some deep breaths and ask God to be with you. Allow your five senses to show you some of the wonders that God has for you today.


Look around you and enjoy all that you can see. Revel in it all, the colours, the shapes, the textures, the movement, the stillness in everything around you. Look at the variety of sizes, and the balance of it all. Reflect how much sight has contributed to your life, the beauty and ugliness, also how you have been able to read and learn through reading. Recognise the gift of sight comes from God and give thanks. You may like to thank Him aloud or in silence.


Stop for a few minutes. Listen even to the silence. Notice the sounds of the wind and/or rain, the birds, rustling, animals, humans moving or talking, what do you hear? Reflect on your hearing and how it can enhance your life. Realise that this too is gift from God and give thanks, aloud or silently, as you feel moved.


Consciously feel the air, the sun, wind, rain on your skin.  Put out your hands and touch plants, petals, leaves, grass, stones, wood, metal, whatever you come across. Notice hardness or softness, the grain, Touch materials, texture of clothing, and feel the awareness of gravity through pressure of ground under your feet. Reflect on the sense of touch in giving and receiving affection through a kiss, a hug, holding a hand, etc. You use touch to write, to play an instrument, play games, and more.  Reflect how this sense enhances your life and give thanks to God, aloud or in silence.


As you look maybe there is something you can taste: an edible plant, a sweet in your pocket or a drink. Savour and enjoy. Reflect too on the gift of taste and give thanks to God as before.


Stop again. Smell the air around you.  Continue your walk and smell the plants, flowers, as you go.  . . Notice any wafts of smells as you pass animals or where there is cooking.  Reflect again on the gift of smell and give God thanks for it.

End your prayer walk by expressing your thanks and praise to God for God’s marvelous creation and for our senses to enable us to enjoy it all.

One thought on “A walk of thanks and praise”

  1. Thanks Lesley. I enjoyed your blog and its challenge to awareness and thankfulness to God for all he has given us!

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