St George’s Heating Appeal

During the summer we noticed the boiler at St. George’s was not working properly. Investigations showed that there was a leak somewhere in the pipework that caused a drop in pressure, making it unsafe to use. Unfortunately, the pipes run under the concrete floor of the hall. It is going to cost £4000 to get the heating working. We cannot let the hall without heat and hot water, so have borrowed the money from other Church funds.

So – we need raise £4000! We have a ‘visual aid’ – four bamboo canes, taped together, one representing each £1000. (We can do it together) Around them are 10 pipe cleaners, one will be removed each time we raise £100. When we get to £1000, we will remove a bamboo cane.

We plan ‘fund raisers’ (Craft Fair, 19th Nov, Advent lunch and hopefully others) – but we would also be very grateful for personal donations – PLEASE!!

The Craft Fair on November 19th is at St. George’s Church hall. 11am – 1pm. Come along and find unique Christmas gifts and decorations. Free entrance. See demonstrations of crafts – lunches and refreshments available. If you would you like to hire a table for £10, contact me on 01252 318135


Maxine Everitt

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