A Mindful Day

On 1 October, we held a Mindfulness workshop day at St Mark’s. Despite earlier misgivings on my part, 18 people braved the rain and made it to St Mark’s.
Leading the day was our mentor, Suzette Jones (Diocesan Health and Well-being Adviser) and we had a variety of Mindful workshops, led by Suzette, Simon and myself. We had decided to split the day into two halves, which seemed to work well for people – some came for the full day whilst others attended for either morning or afternoon.

Mindfulness is a completely accessible method of meditation. Whilst it is not uniquely Christian, increasingly Christian practitioners are rediscovering this compassionate form of meditation. There were times to sit and meditate followed by “inquiry” – which gives the opportunity to compare experiences and thoughts within the group. We were introduced to Mindful Movement, becoming aware of tension and relaxation in our bodies. Mindful Flowers began with a meditation for participants to call to mind someone who needs their prayers. We then made and decorated flowers, wrote the name of that person on the flower before honouring the prayers by placing the flowers in a circle in church.

It was a very full day, drawn to conclusion with Mindful smiling. How hard can it be to smile for a whole thirty seconds? Just try it yourself.

Lesley Shatwell

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