Parish Fete

What a great day!

It dawned beautifully sunny and the forecast suggested that no rain was due until about 4.  Friday night had been really good, with lots of help putting up gazebos, moving tables, hanging bunting and generally getting things ready – a huge THANK YOU to everyone who helped out.

So at 9 O’clock  the bouncy castle arrived and bit by bit throughout the morning people and goods appeared and the Rectory Garden came to life.      We had more gazebos than ever before – they were all squashed together.     We had put a bucket for voluntary entry donations and is soon started to fill up.  Time passed swiftly – there was a drizzly rain for about an hour but it dried up and more people came.    The children joined in with the games, there was a bit of dancing and jigging around.   As always the refreshments and the BBQ were great.    At 3, there was a last minute flurry of raffle ticket buying  – the prizes were very inviting – before the winners were drawn and the tidying up began.  We managed, just about, to get everything packed up and away before the heavens opened and the last few intrepid souls unloaded tables , banners and bunting back at St. George’s getting  totally soaked. (What fun!)

We raised a tiny fraction over £2000 – pleasing in this economic climate – but more to the point, we had a time of fellowship, made new friends and worked together to achieve something good.

Thank you to everyone who came along  and especially to those who worked  so hard beforehand and on the day.

Maxine Everitt

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Family Praise – Big News

Many years ago, a group of us, after a lot of prayer, realised that if we wanted provision for children in St. George’s it was up to us to make it happen. So Family Praise was born! For a while it was just once a month – then we increased to twice a month and from October – wait for it!!!! WE ARE GOING WEEKLY.

We hope that this will give us opportunities to try new things. Once a month there will be a Eucharist – something that many people have requested. Open the Book will make an appearance and we are looking forward to our own ‘specials’. We still have things to iron out and we need more leaders and musicians (volunteers welcome) – but it is really exciting. Please pray for Family Praise and all involved and don’t forget to tell people, we will be there every week during term time at 11.30 and everyone is very welcome.

Maxine Everitt