Incredible Edible harvest

Residents of Hale have started harvesting the ‘Incredible Edible’ tubs. This project started in April when tubs of compost were placed at the Bungalow, near the War Memorial and in the grounds of St Mark’s Church – and residents were invited to plant them with herbs, fruit, and vegetables.

The Reverend Lesley Crawley, a priest at St Mark’s said, “We were a bit worried that that tubs would remain empty, but they soon filled up with green beans, marrows, tomatoes and courgettes. Every week, when I looked out of the window at St Mark’s, another plant had miraculously appeared – it has been just magical, and so exciting.”

John Ely, a local resident and part of the Incredible Edible team said, “Last week I saw a family passing the Bungalow planter as I was watering it. I invited them to help themselves to courgette. The young lad, Ryan, duly obliged! Mum said ‘It will go in our stir fry tonight’. Now that is what Incredible Edible is all about! I noticed the large marrow at the Hale Rec planter has gone. Hopefully taken by another hungry resident.”

Incredible Edible is a community project that aims to increase our awareness of food and where it comes from, bringing communities together and helping make a step towards a more sustainable world. It seems to be working in Hale.

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