Solvitur ambulando

“It is solved by walking”.  Now, I’m not sure who first came up with that phrase, my internet search has thrown up a number of plausible suggestions.  I first came across it whilst training to become a licensed lay minister and someone told me it was attributed to Augustine of Hippo.  Hum … I don’t know.  It is certainly a very clever phrase and it’s true:  it is solved by walking.

A small, cheery group of walkers met at St George’s on 6 August and set out to walk round to each of the three churches in our parish.

Hats or no hats?  Sunglasses or no sunglasses?  Had we brought enough water/sun-cream?  Oh the perils of parish walking on such a rare summer’s day when the sun shines!  Still, solvitur ambulando.  Friendly conversation and soon we came to St John’s.  The church was cool and welcoming and we took our first  break.  There we were met by John Evans who told us stories about the Sumner family and their close connection with St John’s (foremost – of course – amongst many churches and ecclesiastical matters connected with the Sumners).  We saw the simple, yet beautiful Sumner plaque by the altar and prayed, remembering Hiroshima (6 August).  The walking party was joined by Hannah and her family and we discussed the best route to walk up to St Mark’s.

walkers at St John'sIt is solved by walking – we set off through Farnham Park and headed to the Green at Upper Hale.

On the way, I discovered that Jackie has a degree in Russian and that she has known Rachel since they were eight.  I like walking with friends.  Somehow, you have more time to chat, more opportunity to share ideas and we got to see more of our lovely parish.  Solvitur ambulando.

Mind you, it was jolly hot and it’s uphill all the way to St Mark’s.  We were glad to reach the dappled shade in the orchard, we’d made it to the summit – downhill all the way back now.

walkers at St Mark'sIt seemed as though Hannah’s little dogs appreciated the rest.  Little did they know that this was not their final destination and there were yet more miles for their little legs.

We rolled back down the hill to Badshot Lea, and I chatted about music with Margaret.  I discovered that when Margaret had to learn music by heart, she would visualise it on the page.  Isn’t that interesting, I don’t think I can learn music in that way, I hear the harmonic structure then mentally attach everything around it.

By the time we got home, we had walked over five miles.  I was surprised actually; I like walking, but I hadn’t walked that far for a while.  And it was easy.  I could have dropped out if it got too hard, and people did join and leave us at different times.  Perhaps you would like to give it a go next time, because, of course, “it is solved by walking”.
Hum … I wonder what “it” is?

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