The Parish Giving Scheme

We are currently raising money to pay our Parish Share – this money goes to paying, housing and trining our clergy and towards the support costs of the diocese. It is really important work. Please help us by joining the PGS scheme – ask Alan – 01252 820537 or


The running and maintenance costs of our churches are very high,  any financial support you can give would be most welcome.

Even if you cannot get to church on Sunday you could become a member of the Parish Giving Scheme and give a regular donation.  By helping us with the running costs you will ensure the church is here for when you need it.

What is the point of PGS?

PGS will help us in the parish to reach our donors who prefer an automatic direct debit based systems to the traditional ways of collecting money into the local church.

How does PGS help donors?

PGS offers donors a convenient, elegant and secure method of making their regular donations to our church by Direct Debit.

What are the benefits to the donor and the church?

Donors may have their donation automatically uplifted by inflation each year, if they so choose. Also, donors can remain anonymous to their local churches if they prefer.  One of the biggest problems faced by most churches is that of ‘static giving’. If giving had kept track with inflation since the year 2000, it would have increased by over 50%.  As an example of the difference this would have made to a donation of £40.00 a month given in the year 2000, it would now have to be £61.32 a month.

Can Gift Aid be claimed back if giving is through the PGS?

The answer is yes and it is very easy to set up.  You simply sign a declaration when you make your application to join the scheme to confirm that you are a payer of tax.

How will my donation qualify for Gift Aid?

In order for your donation to qualify, you must:

  • Be a UK taxpayer
  • Pay at least as much Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax as our church will recover on your donation in the tax year.


How much will it cost us?

The Diocese is paying the marginal costs of participating in a scheme already set up by the Diocese of Gloucester. There are NO additional costs to our parish.

I don’t pay Income Tax and you will not be able to claim Gift Aid so what is the point of me belonging to the scheme?

A regular donation will assist with the financial planning by your PCC.  You may even be willing to agree to the inflation increase option so that you help the church overcome ‘static giving’.  This will become even more important if we have an ageing congregation who no longer pay tax. Approximately 15% of our income is currently through Gift Aid but is likely to reduce unless we get new tax paying donors.

Can I change the amount I donate or drop out of inflation proofing my donation?

The answer is Yes to both of these questions.  Details of what to do can be found in the information pack.

How do I join the scheme?

It’s easy, you just have one simple form to complete.

I don’t go to church, can I give financial support?

You don’t have to attend church regularly to be a donor but by giving regularly you can help to ensure the church is there when you need it in the future.

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