Organ Recital to raise money for Emily

St Mark’s Church in Hale has a much loved Edwardian organ, named after her benefactor – Emily Mangles – who raised the funds for the organ in the early 20th century.

This two manual organ looks beautiful with an English Oak case, and has the potential to sound beautiful as well. But Emily has received little renovation in the last 100 years. Without becoming too technical, the leatherwork is perishing, the reservoir is leaking, and so sounds noisy, and the electrical components are faulty and unsafe. The task before us it to have Emily rebuilt, rather than just restored.

We have received a lot of advice from the organ builder, and the asbestos has already been removed from the blower. £21,000 is still needed for the general clean and overhaul. A ‘Sponsor a Pipe’ scheme is in place, but this needs bolstering by other fund-raising initiatives. The Arts Council will look far more favourably on appeals for funds if St Mark’s can prove that Emily is widely used, both in services, but also as a musical outreach to the community at large.

To this end, an Organ Recital will be given by Frances Whewell on Thursday 2nd June at 2pm, St Mark’s, with an interlude by Bob and Lesley Shatwell on violin and double bass. There will be a few surprises – not least the unpredictability of Emily – hence the need for financial help! The event is being hosted by the group ‘Teacakes’, and tea will be served in the church as the music is played.

All are very welcome. Please come and support this unique piece of our musical heritage. There will be a collection for Emily at the end.

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