Incredible Edible Tubs

You may have seen a strange tub or two appearing in Upper Hale. There are actually three – one at the Bungalow, one near the War Memorial and on in the grounds of St Mark’s. They have been filled with compost so that anyone, you perhaps, can plant them with herbs, fruit, vegetables… anything edible!

Incredible Edible is a community project that increases our awareness of food and where it comes from and makes a step towards a more sustainable world where all of us can be fed without a negative impact on our world. It started in 2008 in Todmorden and is spreading across the country and indeed the world, bring communities together and having a great deal of fun doing it! You can read more here –

Anyway – back to the tubs – please plant in them – you don’t need permission! But find a way of labelling what you have planted and indicating to people how to tell when it will be ready to eat. Happy planting!

Lesley Crawley

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