Welcoming our new Curate

For those who don’t know, this summer we are getting a curate in the parish, Hannah Moore. So what is a curate?

She will be a curate in training, which means that she will come to us, newly ordained, to undertake the equivalent of an apprenticeship for three or four years before moving on to have a parish of her own. Whilst training with us Hannah will also have training from the diocese and will have to undertake various assignments for them, consequently her time will not be solely spent on the parish.

On 3rd of July Hannah will be ordained deacon in the Cathedral. This means that she will be known as the Reverend Hannah Moore, and will wear a dog collar (and it will take most of the three years just to get used to that – and people saying “don’t swear in front of the vicar”), but will not be able to undertake certain tasks, primarily presiding at Holy Communion. However, she will be leading other services, including funerals.

A year later she will then be ordained priest in the Cathedral, at which point she will be able to do everything in the churches.

Hannah will be living with her family in the curate’s house on Sandy Hill and will be travelling round the churches and other places with Lesley and I in the early days, before branching out on her own. Please do make her welcome when she arrives in June.

Alan Crawley

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