Incredible Edible goes ahead in Hale

Incredible Edible is a food growing movement that started in Todmorden in west Yorkshire in 2007. People started growing food that was free for all to take and it transformed their community. A group of residents have decided that we should spread this magic to Hale and so look out for planters and free food!

John Ely, a local resident and member of Farnham in Bloom Community Group said, “We have been very fortunate that Farnham Town Council have offered us three planters to get going. We already have food growing that we can put into the planters thanks to the work of the Post 19 charity.”

Carol McFarlane, who runs the Hale Community Project, commented, “It feels like the village is growing in community spirit, more and more initiatives are bringing us together to work for the benefit of all. I am very excited about this project, I’m particularly hoping the young people of the village will get involved with planting and growing.”

The Reverend Lesley Crawley added, “There are a number of groups involved in this, Farnham in Bloom, Hale Community Project, The Bungalow, Transition Farnham, Farnham Local Food and St Mark’s Church. However, everybody and anybody can get involved. If you want to know more, just contact me.”


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