Who, me? A Vicar?

Bishop Andrew has been given the challenge of increasing the number of ordinations by at least 50% on 2013 figures sustained annually from 2020. This increase sounds massive, but it will not increase the number of priests in the Church of England – it will simply compensate for those retiring. This target comes from one of the papers produced for the Renewal and Reform initiative that Justin Welby, our Archbishop of Canterbury, is spearheading.

So how about you? Is there any possibility that God is calling you? For me it has been the most exciting and rewarding adventure of my life, in fact I have only really felt like I was being fully me since I started to explore my calling.

My advice would be to let nothing get between you and that thing that God is calling you to, whether that is ordained ministry or lay ministry or preaching in the church or teaching or being a plumber! Whatever that niggle is, it is worth pursuing it! If you think you aren’t good enough or that it is a ridiculous idea then don’t worry – you are in good company – most people think that when they first feel the tug of their vocation.

Young ordained vocations are particularly being encouraged because they have been so neglected in the past – see the video below. If you want to know more about any of this (and you are any age) speak to Alan or Lesley – 01252 820537

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