Some of the gravestones in the churchyard are in a damaged or potentially unsafe state.  If they are unsafe we have the right to lay them flat and will be doing so; however, damaged or potentially unsafe gravestones are the responsibility of the family.  We are trying to find relatives of the following people as we believe that their gravestones fall into this category.  If it is you, or you know who they might be please would you let me know?  Thank you.

Eleanore Mary Poellnitz,
Mary Ann Wing,
Margaret Elizabeth Young,
Winifred Marr,
Jill Muriel Stares,
Ethel Barbara Matthews,
Alfred Henry McGuire,
John Barber,
Harry Beaumont,
Thomas Davis Evans,
Rose Lilian Goodchild.

We would also like to contact the family of Peter & Marjorie Nash.

Alan Crawley

4 thoughts on “Gravestones”

  1. Hi Alan,

    I was worried about the graves along the hedge leading upto the Garden of Remberance. All the flooding from the field behind the hedge may have water logged the grave. This happened in Hillingdon on the Hill where some of my family are buried. When they opened my step fathers grave his coffin had been raised by several feet because of water underneath the grave and my Mother and Brother had to be cremated as there was no room for their coffins. Just thought of this every time I drove past that flood!

    Hope you are all well,

    Kind Regards



  2. I remember Jill Stares very well. Took her funeral. Will see if I can find out more.

  3. The Nash grave could possibly be relatives of Eddie Nash who used to have the newsagents in Willow Way. They still live in Willow Way I think. If you think it’s worth asking, Philip probably knows which house. Gillian

    > On 09 February 2016 at 17:57 The Parish of Badshot Lea and Ha

  4. Eleanor Poelinitz was the grandmother of Wynne Jackson, whose diaries covering several years (including her time living in Hale) have been digitised and are on line by her son (?). See here for a page about Eleanor.
    I believe Geoff Wallis of the Hale History Project has been in correspondence with him re the grave some time back (I may also have his email address, which is to be found on the Wynee’s Diary website.
    Bob Skinner

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