Time Talents and Ten Pound Notes

Last October we had a TTT (Time Talents and Ten Pound Notes) campaign to encourage people to review their giving to the church, in both financial and non-financial ways.  Owing to a change of Stewardship Officer in the middle of this, and the urgency of submitting a tax reclaim, I am only now in a position to report the results.

The campaign has led to an increase in our monthly giving of around £250/month, which is more than an 8% increase, which is a wonderful response.  However, sadly, a number of givers have moved or died, reducing our giving by a slightly smaller monthly amount, still leaving us slightly better off.  On the time and talents side many people recorded the work which they currently undertake, and for which we give thanks.  Again, with people moving we have lost a number of volunteers and in many cases others have taken those tasks on, but there are a few currently uncovered (see elsewhere in the magazine).

We have also at last managed to get tax reclaims working (HMRC insisted that claims be done online) and reclaimed nearly £11,000 and are well on course to reclaim about as much again in the near future.

All of this meant that we were able to pay our parish share in full for the second year running.  As a result of this we are entitled to apply for a grant from the Diocese towards a buildings project, which we have done.

We have also decided that October is not a good time to hold a TTT campaign, so our next one is not planned until May 2017.  However, in the meantime, Peter Paterson will be talking to people about moving to the Parish Giving Scheme as this simplifies the administration of Gift Aid and accounting.

Alan Crawley

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