Doable Hard versus Destructive Hard

Alan came back from a group yesterday with the concept of ‘doable hard’ versus ‘destructive hard’. I googled it and it is a Bill Hybels theory. He talks about how he likes to have challenges, indeed all of us thrive when we are doing tasks that are neither too easy nor too hard. However, when he planted a church he was amazed at how hard it was and wondered whether it really should be that hard, especially in the light of Jesus saying ‘my yoke is easy’.

So he called a meeting of his team and asked the team to talk about how hard their work was. For some, when they talked about the tough challenges they became animated, their eyes shone, yes it was hard, but it was fun hard. Others talked about the hard things with despondency, they were losing sleep at night, they were becoming more and more fearful.

As a group they started to understand the difference between the two – doable hard and destructive hard – and they made two agreements among themselves:

  1. When it was ‘doable hard’ they would help encourage each other to achieve these tasks.
  2. But when it was ‘destructive hard’ they would flag it up and shift things around or not attempt it, they agreed never to do things that were ‘destructive hard’.

Bill Hybels went home that day and wrote in his journal:

The way that I am doing the work of God is destroying God’s work in me. Something must change. Soon.




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