The Christingle has become an established part of the Christmas season – although it isn’t actually about Christmas.    I reckon that, in our Parish, we have the earliest Christingle, the very start of Advent at St. Mark’s and the latest, Candlemas, at St. George’s.

This year, at St. George’s, not only did everyone have the opportunity to make their own Christingle,  we also took it one step further.    The whole congregation, like the orange, symbolised the world.    Poles with representations of God’s creation, all good things and the seasons,  were held up by children, standing to the north, south, east and west.   Balls of red wool were passed around and held by everyone, encircling us all, to symbolise God’s blood, which was shed for us all.   The Easter candle was moved to the centre of the Church, symbolising God’s light, shining upon us all – and a piece of tin foil was held up to show how it reflects the light – just as each one of us is called to reflect a power which is God’s radiance.

The Parish band played, we sang hymns full of light and the Church felt full of the Holy Spirit.

Maxine Everitt

Photo Credit – Georgie Fry


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