Spiritual but not Religious?

A new book group is starting for those who are interested in the idea of ‘Spiritual but not Religious’, run by the Reverend Alan Crawley, Joint Rector in the Parish of Badshot Lea and Hale. It will start on 12th November at the Rectory, 25 Upper Hale Road, GU9 0NX.

Alan said, “My wife, Lesley, and I recently found a list of “26 books every ‘Spiritual but not Religious’ seeker should read”. We were intrigued and fancied reading some of the books for ourselves, and wondered if any others would like to join us in a book club, reading one every now and again, and meeting to discuss it. To find out, we are going to read “Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead”, by Brené Brown, and open our house to anyone who wants to come along and discuss it. If there is interest we can choose another book and another date at that time.”

He continued, “Everyone is welcome to just come along on the day, or if they are interested and can’t make it, just let us know and we will keep them informed of what is happening.”

Alan can be contacted on 01252 820537 or revd.alan@badshotleaandhale.org.

No Committees at St Mark’s

You may have read the blog post “No Rota at St Mark’s” where we ditched the rota because it excluded children and also those who can’t commit several weeks ahead to come to church on a particular week. Well… we felt that committee meetings have the same problem. The few who are available to turn out at 7:30pm on a particular evening dictate the things that go on in the church and even worse than that is that the children have no say at all.

So on Sunday, after “Apple Day”, we ate our bring-and-share lunch and then planned our services for the next few months.

“What has been good about the services up until now?” asked Alan, who is one of our priests.

The first person to reply was aged eight, “The variety,” she said, “every week we do something different, it’s good.”

Everyone nodded. One of our older members said “This is the first church I’ve been to that feels like a family.”

“Me too,” said several people.

And so the meeting went on, adults and children together expressing their views… Pet Service planned, donkey required for Christmas Eve and the vestry really needs decorating!

I can’t see committees being popular any more at St Mark’s. We’ll plan it all together.

A Fruitful Apple Day

On 11th October St Mark’s Church in Upper Hale, Farnham hosted its first Community Apple Day. About fifty people, aged 0 to 70, came with bags of apples to be juiced and enjoyed apple pancakes, apple bobbing, apple juice and even singing apple-themed songs. The remaining fruit from the eleven trees in the community orchard was picked and juiced. The trees were planted by community groups last December

The Reverend Lesley Crawley, a priest at the church said, “It was such a lovely event; the sun shone, the apple juice was delicious, the children played and everyone had a good time. I owe a great debt of gratitude to John Ely who manned the juicer for two hours solid and has been such a supporter of all we have done in the churchyard at St Mark’s.”

Paul Sowden, who oversees the community orchard and wildflower garden said, “This event was a huge success, the atmosphere was brilliant and it brought the community together. We will definitely run this again next year and my prediction is that it will grow and grow.”