St Mark’s Reordering

The reordering committee have finished the job they were asked to do and have produced a plan to re-order St Mark’s. I would like to express my thanks to them for all the time and effort they put in. It is only possible to give a brief account of the plans but I am happy to answer any questions arising.

• We have received permission to remove the choir stalls and are in the process of selling them.
• The present font to be replaced by a custom made metal and glass font which will be moveable.
• The Victorian wooden floor boards to be sanded and polished and lay Victorian style tiles in the aisles.
• Electrical rewiring and installation of modern lighting.
• Creation of a quiet area with comfortable seating for private meetings,
• Replacing the wooden doors at the back of the north side of the church with glass doors.
• Insulation of the roof.
• We considered including conserving the wall paintings but the cost was so high we decided not to proceed at this time.

The estimated cost of the plans is £128,180, not including the architects fees. We are investigating getting grants to help with the cost and there will be meeting at 12 midday on October 25th in St Mark’s to discuss applying for grants and plan fundraising. The meeting is open to everybody and I hope as many people as possible will come. If you are interested but not able to come to the meeting please let me know.

Pat Manton

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