What is Knitivity?

This year in the Parish of Badshot Lea and Hale we have decided to take our nativity on a tour around the parish and this year we have a ‘knitivity’ This consists of a knitted Nativity which is being knitted by anyone and everyone during October and November.

Knitivity is all about preparing during Advent for the celebration of birth of Christ. It is a reminder of the true meaning of Christmas.Our knitted Mary, Joseph, donkey and other characters will begin their journey from one of the three churches on Advent Sunday – 29th November (we’ll let you know which church nearer the time!) and they will travel around the parish, staying in a different home each night during Advent, and at each home one of the sheep will be left. We hope that during the day they will turn up in some of the more public places within the parish, such as shops, schools and offices. We will chart their journey with pictures on our Facebook Page. Finally, all the sheep will be re-united at the Christmas Day services in church – 9:30am at St John’s, 10:00am at St George’s and 11:00am at St Mark’s.

The idea of ‘Knitivity’ is not only to remind us of the real meaning of Christmas within the parish and the community, but it is also an opportunity to share hospitality with one another in our homes, whilst remembering the joy of the incarnation of Christ. When the nativity set is passed from one to the other there is a prayer of giving the set and a prayer of receiving it.

If you would like to be involved, please contact Kris on 01252 327832/07876 204665 krislawr@aol.com

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