St George’s Vision Day

I only came to St George’s Vision Day part way through, but I thought it was a fascinating, honest and invigorating conversation, with children as well as adults contributing. Some of the pertinent questions were:

  • Are we really a community, a spiritual family, can we count on each other?
  • Does it really matter if we don’t know each other, if we enjoy the services?
  • What happens if we still haven’t found what we are looking for?

Truthfully, I think it was a difficult day – it is always hard when we ask searching questions. But I also felt it was cathartic, there was an unmasking, reality shone through – and it is in these places of honesty that we encounter God.

Ideas to take forward are:

  • drop the rota for Family Praise and the 10 O’Clock services
  • have more St G’s socials to get to know each other
  • get the youth involved in the services
  • have small groups at St G’s
  • do Questioning Faith at St G’s
  • buy some comfortable furniture for the St G’s room so we can meet there.

Ultimately, it is Christ who builds his church and so we pray that we will be built into the spiritual family we are called to be.

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