Good Friday Reflection

I am Christ.

The suffering Christ.

The bleeding Christ.

The Christ in agony.

And you are my followers,
here at the foot of the cross.

What are you feeling?





Perhaps you feel sick.

Or numb.

Or cold.

Perhaps you don’t want to be here.

I understand that.

I’m glad you came.

For I am always glad when you seek me,
like that time, Nicodemus when you came in the night
or that time, Mary, when sat at my feet, despite the scorn of your sister.

So many have sought me and some have turned away.

I understand why.

Not many seek me today.

But today I cover you with the compassion of God.

It flows from my wounds.





Look up, don’t keep your eyes to the ground.

Look up and you will see.

Look beyond the agony and you will find

My compassion

My gentleness

My mercy

My love

These gifts I give to you today as I have every day.

I’m glad that you came.

Do not despair,
for hands that have been wounded are gentler than those that are  whole
and a heart that has been broken is one that will heal others
and blood and water flowing from my side will become a sign of grace.

Do not despair,
for love wins.

I’m glad that you came.

Look into my eyes and open your heart.

Receive my compassion

Receive my gentleness

Receive my mercy

Receive my love

For I will be with you always even to the end of time.

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