A Community Orchard in Upper Hale?

St Mark’s to create a Community Orchard on church land

You are invited to a Public Meeting to discuss a new Community Orchard on 7th October 2014 at 7:30pm at St Mark’s Church, Upper Hale.

The Parish of Badshot Lea and Hale have been granted the permission and the funding to create a Community Orchard on the land in between Tesco and St Mark’s Church.

John Ely, who lives in the parish and is an expert in orchards and fruit trees, has put together a plan for the orchard and the trees will be planted this autumn. There will be a public meeting to discuss this at St Mark’s, Alma Lane, Upper Hale on 7th October at 7:30pm. Everyone in the community is invited to discuss the plan.

Parish Priest The Revd. Lesley Crawley said:
“We are hoping that this will be a community initiative, involving the local schools, uniformed organisations and youth as well as those of us who are longer in the tooth.”

Lesley added:
“After a few years, when the trees have started fruiting, we could host Apple Days at St Mark’s, bring a juicer to the church and all of us could bring our own apples to create juice, as well as pick the ones in the church. Apple Days can become good community events with Morris Dancers, cheese tasting, cider tasting and worship too.”

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