Are you being heard?

Are you being heard (2)1 in 6 people have a hearing loss in our Diocese. An increasing older population and longer life expectancy, mean that our church buildings need to be able to welcome and accommodate those with sensory loss to aid communication.

We are looking for volunteers to:
• Be trained in the basic maintenance of hearing aids
• Offer these simple maintenance sessions, at existing church social events e.g. coffee mornings & lunches




Hearing Champions Training will include:
• Checking the hearing aid is working
• Replacing the battery, battery life
• Re-tubing
• Fitting the hearing aid in the ear
• Hearing aid controls
• T-loop
• Use of hearing aid
• Assistive listening devices
• Communication tactics
• Outline of audiology pathways in your area

If you would like to find out more, please come to our “Are you being Heard” event on Thursday 25th September between 10-12 at St Mark’s Church, Alma Lane or contact: Tracey Wade, Deaf & Inclusion Co-ordinator , Communities Engagement Team, Diocese of Guildford

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