Living Churchyard and Brown Bin Club at St Mark’s

Brown Bin ClubPlans are afoot to develop the grounds of St Mark’s as a living churchyard. With the help of Surrey Wildlife Trust we will be working on identifying any wildflowers and wildlife that already inhabit or visit the grounds and what we can do to foster a greater diversity of life for the benefit of our community. This will involve allowing areas of the lawn to evolve into a wildflower meadow. We have started the process by allowing the grass to grow long and mowing paths into it, which we hope will invite you to wander around the garden. We have already established a wildflower bed this year, currently sown with poppies, and in future years we plan to add a greater variety of flowering plants. The aim is to manage the area in such a way as to encourage native species and to purposefully plant to develop a richer source of food for wildlife including berries and seeds.

Children and adults are welcome to join us on this exciting journey of discovery about nature by coming to our Brown Bin Club. The club meets every month before the Sunday service at St Mark’s to progress developing the garden. Some of this will be good honest work such as sweeping and raking but your efforts will be rewarded by involvement in more exciting projects such as surveying the garden and making homes for various wild creatures. Regular commitment is not required. We know you are busy so just turn up when you can. Meetings for the next year are 9.45-10.45am on:

Sun 8 Jun 2014
Sun 13 Jul 2014
Sun 10 Aug 2014
Sun 14 Sep 2014
Sun 12 Oct 2014
Sun 9 Nov 2014
Sun 14 Dec 2014
Sun 11 Jan 2015
Sun 8 Feb 2015
Sun 8 Mar 2015
Sun 12 Apr 2015
Sun 10 May 2015
Sun 14 Jun 2015
Sun 12 Jul 2015

We look forwards to seeing you there.

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