A Community Orchard in the Parish?

A the moment we are applying for permission to plant trees and create a Community Orchard on the land in between Tesco’s and St Mark’s church. John Ely, who lives in the parish and knows a lot about fruit trees, has drawn this plan for us:


We are hoping that this will be a community initiative, involving the local schools, uniformed organisations and youth as well as those of us who are longer in the tooth.

After a few years, when the trees have started fruiting, we could host Apple Days at St Mark’s, bring a juicer to the church and all of us could bring out own apples to create juice, as well as pick the ones in the church. Apple Days can become good community events with Morris Dancers, cheese tasting, cider tasting and worship too.

We are very thankful to John for giving us his expertise and offering to help. I very much hope that we obtain permission to use the church land in this way and that we plant the trees this autumn. If anyone is interested in helping with this project then please contact Lesley.

2 thoughts on “A Community Orchard in the Parish?”

  1. Hello Lesley
    What a wonderful idea.
    I sure you will have thought about it but I would be very willing to donate some money towards buying a part of a tree in memory of someone. Perhaps we could have a little ‘tree donations book of remembrance’ or similar kept in the church or a sheet on the wall / just a thought.
    I hope the plans come to bear fruit !!!! Sorry
    Love Anne

  2. Hi Anne
    Weirdly, this is one occasion when money isn’t a problem, we have had some lovely offers of money to help with this – I guess it is just one of those ideas that has captured the imagination!
    Love the pun 🙂

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