Mary, Mother of Jesus (written by Anne Boyman)

Look what they have done to him, my boy, my beautiful boy. Oh I know he’s a man but he will always be my boy. Why have they done it? He didn’t do anything wrong, in fact he healed people he made them whole again. What are they so afraid of? I don’t understand.

Yet even when he was up there, in agony he was still thinking of others. He looked down at me standing there with my sister and he said to me, “Mother behold thy son.” And to John he said “behold your Mother.” Even at that moment of suffering he was thinking of me and making sure I would be alright without him. Will I be alright? Can I go on after this? Do I have the strength?
I pray God will help me.

It’s so different from the day he came into this world, that tiny baby who caused such a stir heralded by angels and especially bright stars. Everybody was so excited, desperate to see him. The simple shepherds smelling of earth and animals rushing down from the fields bringing a lamb with them. The grand Magi who had travelled so far bringing wonderfully fragrant oils and spices and gold!!

It wasn’t always easy being the mother of the son of God.
I remember the time we travelled to the temple in Jerusalem for Passover and then on the way back after a whole days travelling we discovered he wasn’t with the group. Frantically we rushed all the way back and searched all over Jerusalem. I was out of my mind with worry and after three days we found him talking to the elders! He was so surprised that we were worried, after all, he said, he was in his father’s house!

We travelled to Jerusalem for the Passover again this week. I was in the crowd when Jesus entered the city on a donkey of all things! They greeted him like a King, shouting “Hosanna” and laying palms and coats before him. everyone was so excited, here was their King at last the Messiah they had been promised. what happened? How did it all change so quickly? It was only a few days ago.

I was so proud when he began his ministry and stories came back about miracles and healings and hundreds of people following and hanging on his every word.
I couldn’t wait for him to come to Nazareth and then there he was in the temple reading the Torah and speaking so eloquently, everyone was so impressed, they couldn’t believe it was my son. But then as he continued telling them the reading was about him the mood changed they became angry. They chased him out of town, his town, where he was brought up.

And now they’ve done this to him. Why? How has he made them so angry, so afraid of him? Have I got it wrong? Could it be that he’s not the son of God? Would God let this happen? What’s the point? What has he achieved?

And yet Simeon warned me all those years ago “a sword will pierce your own soul”. How right he was as I watched them condemn him, whip him, ridicule him. As I heard those nails being hammered into his hands and feet my heart was torn in two.

Why? What has been achieved? O God help me to understand why. What is your plan? Please show me.

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