The Trial Baptism Liturgy

sticklands baptism 4In 2011, the General Synod of the Church of England requested that the baptism service should be made available in more accessible language. It was felt that many people who do not attend church regularly feel disconnected and mystified by the language of the service. In particular “The Decision” does not help friends and family understand and engage with the intention of those responsible for supporting the newly baptised. Also, the “Prayer over the Water” feels more like a theological treatise than a prayer. Hence, a new trial liturgy has been written and the Parish of Hale with Badshot Lea along with 400 other Parishes around the country have been asked to use it and feed back whether any changes need to be made. Please help us do this by giving your opinion. The services were on 12th January at St Georges, the 26th January at St Mark’s and will be on the 23rd February also at St Mark’s. Please give Lesley or Alan your feedback.

Below are comparisons of the Tradition Form and Trial Form of the liturgy for two sections – “The Decision” and the “Prayer over the Water”.



Alan and I are really excited about the new liturgy because when comparing it to the old one it is using a language that people will understand, it is shorter, less wordy and less preachy, and relates more to the exciting journey of faith and to the God of Love.

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