Christmas Sketch

Peter with his camera at the Crib Serice

Happy New Year everyone. This is the sketch that Peter and I did on Christmas Day, if anyone is interested 🙂

The Saturday after Christmas in a well-known high street shop:

Man: I would like to return this please.

Shop Assistant: Ah right you are sir, do you have a receipt?

Man: Err… no it was given to me as a gift…

SA: Oh well – let’s have a look – What’s this???

Man: It umm… well… it’s err – the Baby Jesus.

SA: Oh, I see! You mean God made Flesh come down to earth in human form that we might know God’s eternal love for all of us?

Man: That’s the one.

SA: Right you are sir, and exactly what is wrong with the Baby Jesus?

Man: Well….

SA: Wrong colour perhaps?

Man: No, no, not at although, although I must say I was a bit surprised to find that he was Jewish.

SA: Yes people always are sir.

Man: But it’s just…

SA: You’ve already got one?

Man: No I haven’t, in fact I’ve been meaning to get a saviour for years, but… he’s just not what I was expecting.

SA: No?

Man: I mean – he’s a baby!

SA: That’s right sir, indeed the Son of God is only available here on earth as a poor helpless child.

Man: Exactly, I mean that’s not God is it? How can this here be God and a baby at the same time? I mean it doesn’t make any sense.

SA: That’ll be the mystery of the incarnation, sir.

Man: You what?

SA: The ineffable mystery of God incarnate.

Man: I have no idea what you are on about.

SA: No sir, they never do.

SA: Right sir, I’m afraid I can’t refund you, as this is a gift, given to you, I might add by the grace of God himself, but I can offer you goods in exchange. So what will it be? A Tardis playset and remote control Dalek?

Man: Yeah – go on then – that’ll do.

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